The Scar on the World

On the way to Haven

we're going to Haven!

1. Chief Priest (Chendera) in Restwell Keep asked us to stay and “defend” against Lord Drysdale’s return. He had left to deal with one of the remaining Six Blades when the lizardfolk attack occurred. We declined.

2. We decided to go to Haven, and Oneus Earthmane and two acolytes joined us on the way. We got horses and proceeded.

3. On the way, we first encountered a group of Eladrin who were hunting a werewolf. They asked us to keep and eye out and were suspicious of Giri. They seemed to inhabit a pocket of the Feywild at that place in the forest, or at least the colors seemed brighter there, and it was otherwise odd to find fey at such a place.

4. We also encountered some amateur bandits who were loudly arguing about the right way to ambush someone. We went around them.

5. We also encountered a small caravan of peasants who told us Haven had been destroyed by hobgoblins, and the protective wall had fallen just before they attacked.

5. We also encountered a purple worm who, after eating a bear, chased after us, but we escaped.

6. We then passed by a group of humans and drow who seemed confused and would not respond to our queries. On provocation they reacted by brandishing weapons which were of good quality. We left them there, and after we passed one of them looked at a piece of paper.

7. We reached Haven and found that the protective wall appears to be up, but that there are many people outside of its boundary.



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