The Scar on the World

Dec. 20

A New Wrinkle

A Shardmind named Urishti comes to the party to tell Counting Trees that he has been selected by the Empress of the Barsaive Empire to be the new Lord Riverdell, a non-hereditary title. Counting Trees must choose the lordship or “death”, which means banishment and being wanted forever after in the Empire. Counting Trees chooses to become Lord Riverdell and follow Urishti to the Empire.

As the characters are leaving Haven, the other characters begin talking of a prophecy, and the Dwarf defenders are attacked by Hobgoblins! The party assists the Dwarfs until BG-311 gets attacked by the Dwarfs. They yell for help to capture BG-311. The party fights off the Dwarfs and the Hobgoblins and heads to a room with a magical teleporter. Urishti activates the portal, and the party is teleported out of Haven, bringing along some of the Haven Dwarfs as well, while Haven appears to be getting overrun by Hobgoblins.



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