The Scar on the World

Exploring Haven

After breakfast with Oneus Earthmane, the party split up and went separate directions to explore Haven. Giri went to the ornithologist to check on the progress being made on her order. BG3_11 decided to check out an antique shop to see if he could find any information about his artifact. He was later joined by Malkyr and Rad. Unfortunately, the antique dealer, Jim, did not have any knowledge about BG3_11’s artifact, but he did have a self-mapping map that greatly interested Rad. Rad ended up trading a pair of magical bracers for the map.

After regrouping after their various shop visits, the party was ambushed by a group of drow. The drow seemed to have a particular interest in Malkyr, who was knocked out during the fight. Before collapsing, the drow who knocked him out mentioned that it was Malkyr’s sister, Shi`nvyll, who had sent him. It is obvious that the feud between those two siblings is far from over.



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