The Scar on the World

Dec. 20
A New Wrinkle

A Shardmind named Urishti comes to the party to tell Counting Trees that he has been selected by the Empress of the Barsaive Empire to be the new Lord Riverdell, a non-hereditary title. Counting Trees must choose the lordship or “death”, which means banishment and being wanted forever after in the Empire. Counting Trees chooses to become Lord Riverdell and follow Urishti to the Empire.

As the characters are leaving Haven, the other characters begin talking of a prophecy, and the Dwarf defenders are attacked by Hobgoblins! The party assists the Dwarfs until BG-311 gets attacked by the Dwarfs. They yell for help to capture BG-311. The party fights off the Dwarfs and the Hobgoblins and heads to a room with a magical teleporter. Urishti activates the portal, and the party is teleported out of Haven, bringing along some of the Haven Dwarfs as well, while Haven appears to be getting overrun by Hobgoblins.

Exploring Haven

After breakfast with Oneus Earthmane, the party split up and went separate directions to explore Haven. Giri went to the ornithologist to check on the progress being made on her order. BG3_11 decided to check out an antique shop to see if he could find any information about his artifact. He was later joined by Malkyr and Rad. Unfortunately, the antique dealer, Jim, did not have any knowledge about BG3_11’s artifact, but he did have a self-mapping map that greatly interested Rad. Rad ended up trading a pair of magical bracers for the map.

After regrouping after their various shop visits, the party was ambushed by a group of drow. The drow seemed to have a particular interest in Malkyr, who was knocked out during the fight. Before collapsing, the drow who knocked him out mentioned that it was Malkyr’s sister, Shi`nvyll, who had sent him. It is obvious that the feud between those two siblings is far from over.


The party arrived at Haven, but found some odd things had happened. The apprentices of Saruun that had been travelling with the party had apparenty not been travelling with the party and Oneus Earthmane had very different memories of the trip and the events at Restwell Keep. The party investigated, but found out nothing, then decided to venture into Haven.

Haven is a bustling city, with many interesting things for sale, and a very practical approach to city business. Which is to say that city business is also for sale. Counting Trees and Radwent to City Hall and inquired after their business, Giri went looking for an ornithologist, and BG3_11 went to the street of artificers, only to find that they were all far more interested in him than the reverse.

On the way to Haven
we're going to Haven!

1. Chief Priest (Chendera) in Restwell Keep asked us to stay and “defend” against Lord Drysdale’s return. He had left to deal with one of the remaining Six Blades when the lizardfolk attack occurred. We declined.

2. We decided to go to Haven, and Oneus Earthmane and two acolytes joined us on the way. We got horses and proceeded.

3. On the way, we first encountered a group of Eladrin who were hunting a werewolf. They asked us to keep and eye out and were suspicious of Giri. They seemed to inhabit a pocket of the Feywild at that place in the forest, or at least the colors seemed brighter there, and it was otherwise odd to find fey at such a place.

4. We also encountered some amateur bandits who were loudly arguing about the right way to ambush someone. We went around them.

5. We also encountered a small caravan of peasants who told us Haven had been destroyed by hobgoblins, and the protective wall had fallen just before they attacked.

5. We also encountered a purple worm who, after eating a bear, chased after us, but we escaped.

6. We then passed by a group of humans and drow who seemed confused and would not respond to our queries. On provocation they reacted by brandishing weapons which were of good quality. We left them there, and after we passed one of them looked at a piece of paper.

7. We reached Haven and found that the protective wall appears to be up, but that there are many people outside of its boundary.

The freeing of Restwell Keep

After leaving the Saruun Guildhouse, where they discovered Citirian and Oneus Earthmane and several apprentices, as well as a bunch of oddly behaving lizardmen, the party emerged to find Restwell Keep had been overrun by lizardmen. The party dealt with the lizardmen, who were led by the supposed priest of Sehanine, Benwick. Benwick pretended to have been taken prisoner by the lizardmen, until such time as he decided to reveal the fact that he was leading the lizardmen, whereupon he ordered the lizardmen to kill the party. The party prevailed, but Benwick managed to escape through a secret passage.

July 24, 2011

We descended from the third floor of the Saruun Guildhouse to the second floor. There, we found a magical laboratory with two cabinets and two tables, on which were scrolls and a book in Draconic, which we took. Also present were three magic circles, one empty, one containing a Chaos Shard, and a third containing one of the Mages of Saruun whom we had encountered previously, Citirian. The mage was in a trance-like state, connected to the shard somehow, and unaware of our presence. Also present were two Bronze Warders, which activated and attacked when we approached the scrolls. In the course of fighting them, the shard occasionally emitted (psychic/electric?) energy which damaged everyone not inside of a magic circle if it overcame their reflex defense, but those inside of the circles were healed if their will defense was overcome. Halkad entered the circle which contained the mage, and arcane knowledge of the ritual and how to end it (through arcana checks in each circle) was given to him. However, this also apparently resulted in the death of the mage, who collapsed into bones, his silver mask, and robes. Party members could not enter the circle containing the shard. Eventually the party stopped the ritual via the arcana checks, and the warders stopped moving. We took the mask, robes and bones, as well as the scrolls and book with us.
Descending to the first floor, we overheard argument between Oneus Earthmane and a Saruun acolyte. Eventually it became clear that they argued over how to deal with the lizardfolk invasion of Restwell Keep. Oneus wanted to stay and help the townsfolk defend against the lizardfolk, who had not yet breached the buildings within the keep, whereas the acolyte wanted to use a secret passage to escape. We spoke with them briefly, then opted to take an extended rest and decide what to do afterward. We also returned the bones, mask and robes of the mage who had died, when asked what had become of him. Briefly we observed through the broken windows on the top floor that a bronze warder defended the entrance to the guildhouse, but that at least twenty lizardfolk roamed the keep. After resting, the party discussed what to do in the office of the mage, as well as searching through the mage’s correspondence and papers, none of which seemed interesting. We have all chosen to stay and help the townspeople defend the keep if it seems possible to do so without too much delay; our first course is to exit the front door of the guildhouse and, from behind the protection of the warder, ask the lizardfolk why they have invaded and what they want. The session ended right before doing this.

The Story So Far

The party met at the annual harvest festival at Restwell Keep near the Chaos Scar. They have undertaken various minor quests while there, mostly having to do with exploring the Scar and solving problems for people that they’ve met. So far, they’ve helped Oneus Earthmane find two of the buildings built in the Scar in years past by his ancestor, Voran Earthmane. Along the way, they’ve assisted some kobolds, the Fireclaw Tribe, dealt with some drakes that bled residuum, found some fragments of the meteorite that created the Chaos Scar and had some minor dealings with Citirian, one of the Mages of Saruun in Restwell Keep.

On their most recent trip into the Scar, they encountered a shard golem, a creature made of fragments of the meteorite. It spoke to them, telling several of them that they should head to Haven, then whisked them away to the Redoubt of the Seven Stones, where they helped Isaac Clyborn deal with a threat posed to the fabric of the world. Isaac was unable to help them get to Haven, but did teleport them back to Restwell Keep, where they found themselves in the top level of the Saruun Guildhouse there. They fought off some possessed lizardfolk and a fell taint, a Far Realm creature that seems attracted to the presence of the meteorite, then continued further into the tower…


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